Off the Bookshelf: The Lost Fleet, Storm Front, Fuller Memorandum

A drop ship from the cover art for The Lost Fleet: Victorious

I’m in the midst of my spring reading doldrums. Between work, Cub Scouts, and baseball, most of my free time is accounted for. If I’m honest, when I do have free time I’m more likely to spend it catching up on episodes of Legion or The Flash than I am picking up one of the … Read more

Off the Bookshelf: House of Suns, Ender’s Game, Atrocity Files

The helmet of a space-suited child appears in front of several geometric shapes.

It’s a slow time for reading at Nuketown. The frenzy of the summer reading list has given way to the crush of my fall work load (and, if I’m honest, too much time spent playing Civilization 5). Much of my reading these days is of the audio variety, on my way back and forth from work, and it continues to be dominated by science fiction … though I have snuck in a Lovecraftian spy novel.