Star Wars RPG Round Up: Pop Culture, Campaign Planning, Starships, WotC archive

My Star Wars: Saga Edition game has hit the summer doldrums, as our Friday sessions fall victim to August vacations, Musikfest, and back-to-school crush. We’re about three-quarters of the way through our Mandalorian Interlude story arc (in which we’re all playing Mandos in the opening days of the Mandalorian War), and while it’s been fun, we’re looking forward to getting back to our regular characters. Thanksfully, the rest of the net is keeping the Saga Edition fires burning during our downtime.

Of of the Blackrazors’ pet projects has been coming up with a fantasy version of Saga Edition; you can track the progress here. Little did we know that someone had already beat us to the punch with Sword & Sorcery Saga Editon. I’ve downloaded the rules, and I’m looking forward to reading through them — in particular I’m interested in seeing how they handled the two most contentious areas of our own discussions: a point buy system for skills and the addition of a Vancian magic system.


  • Emergence Blog: Star Wars – Xiang the Slayer and The HoloSith: Two great posts over at the Emergence blog that look at pop culture in the Star Wars universe. I love the idea that there’s a main stream vision of the Sith that’s only loosely connected to reality; it provides an entirely different source of recruits for the Dark Side.
  • The Kyngdoms: Choosing a Sci-Fi RPG: A blog post debating which science fiction RPG to use for an upcoming campaign; Star Wars is mentioned as a contender, and based on this follow-up post, it appears it made the cut. The author notes that one of the problems with SWSE right now is that the books are out of print and Wizards nuked their Star Wars site, so it takes more effort to get a game up and running.
  • The importance of a ship in your Star Wars game: I agree with the jist of this post, that creating a ship in a Star Wars game is a crucial part of the game. While not everyone needs one, creating a memorable ship (like the Aeon Harrier in my own game) can really enhance your campaign.
  • Star Wars: The Storm Dragons of Tarl: My Monster Week post used the creature creation rules from the Unknown Regions to create a colossal dragon for Saga Edition.


  • En World: Star Wars: Saga Edition File Archives: A lot of people have been asking me for links to archived SWSE material from Wizards’ site. This thread on En World has the two big ones: a Firefox-compatible web archive of the Wizards site and PDFs of entire Dawn of Defiance campaign.



  • The Ascendance: A fledgling Knights of the Old Republic campaign set during the Great Sith War. Hosted at the Obsidian Portal.
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