Star Wars Roundup: New Starships, Threat Detected Podcast, Battlestations

For years, Order 66 was the only Star Wars: Saga Edition podcast. Now there are two, thanks to Threat Detected, a show dedicated to playing through the Dawn of Defiance campaign. In other Star Wars RPG news, resumes publication with write-ups for the VCX-700 Heavy Courier and the HWK-290 while Dice of Doom tries out the RPG, and likes what they find.

Semi-Official Posts

The official Star Wars: Saga Edition web site is no more, but there are still the occasional posts by former Saga writers.

Rules returns from its long slumber with four new write-ups, including two starships, a new kind of grenade, and a new talent.

  • VCX-700 Heavy Courier: “The 26 meter-long courier produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation comes with more weapons than any other stock ship its size.”
  • HWK-290: A write-up of the starship made famous by Kyle Katarn in the Dark Forces video games.
  • Weapon: Incendiary Grenade: Why just shower your enemies in shrapnel when you can set them on fire as well?
  • Talent: Sleeper Hold: A new martial arts talent.

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