Star Wars Round Up: AGE of Rebellion, X-Wing Mini Game, new d20 rules

It is a dark time for Star Wars role-playing games. There’s no official role-playing game being released, and fan-generated content for older games is tapering off. Fortunately though the Order 66 podcast continues to pump out new content for Saga Edition, there’s a new AGE-powered Rebellion Era playtest document, and an X-Wing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games.

Official Updates

There hasn’t been happening a lot in official Star Wars game circles over the last few months. Fantasy Flight Games won the RPG, card, and miniatures license after Wizards of the Coast let it lapse, but so far only one of these games has been released: X-Wing.

X-Wing is a starfighter combat game. The initial release focuses on X-Wings vs. TIE Fighters, but future expansions include TIE Advanced starfighters and the Rebellion’s Y-Wings. See the full product list.

Unfortunately it’s not all good news. Fantasy Flight Games demoed the Star Wars living card game back at GenCon 2011, but in February 2012 they announced weren’t pleased with how the game was turning out, and had gone back to the drawing board.

There has been no news about a Star Wars RPG but hopefully we’ll see something out of GenCon 2012.

Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG

Star Wars: Saga Edition, Wizards of the Coast’s cancelled RPG, hasn’t seen many fan updates over the last few months. As always, the Order 66 podcast remains the last, best hope for Saga fans. They’ve released a half-dozen podcasts in the last few months, and their forums is still active.


New rules for Saga Edition are rare. Here are a few new ones from

Here are some notable rules posts from d20 Radio’s forums:


Star Wars AGE RPG

The AGE community continues to impress with its take on Star Wars. The Age of Rebellion Playtest Document adapts Green Ronin’s AGE System (which powers Dragon Age) for that far, far away galaxy.


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