Searching for Other Geek Christmas Trees

This year’s Geek Tree is almost complete. So is the feature about it for Nuketown, which will include a browseable database of the ornaments (with each one reviewed and commented on), photos and maybe, just maybe, video. I’m also looking to create a section linking to other geek trees on the Web.

Which brings me to the subject of this blog — I need help finding those other trees. So far I’ve found one: Geeky Christmas 1.0, a tree erected by some geeks at Rensseraer Polytechnic Institute. The tree was constructed from Mountain Dew bottles, duct tape, and a cardboard box and visitors could control it remotely using their web browsers.

Very cool. But alas, that’s the only geek tree I was able to find (excluding the USB powered trees documented here). So, I’m sending the call out to Nuketown’s readers — if you know of a geek tree Web site, e-mail it to me at

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