#RPGaDay2018 – Share a great stream / actual play

“Get the hell off my lawn and take your damn streaming video with you.” I muttered when I saw this topic in the #RPGaDay list. “If I had time to watch someone else play video games, don’t you think I’d be playing the damn games myself? Live streams. Pah. Actual play. Pah. A gamer craves not these things.”

That’s been my typical reaction to the live streaming revolution even though I know it’s not true. Live streams have their benefits: seeing how other people play games, finding inspiration for your own campaign, getting that gaming fix when your own group is on hiatus, and more.

Also, they’ve played a huge role in making Dungeons & Dragons popular again, so I can’t dismiss them out of hand.

It’s just for me — as a married fortysomething gamer with two kids and far too much to do in any given day — streaming doesn’t fit my lifestyle. Maybe that’ll change this semester when I start up my exercise routine at the gym … but I’m not counting on it.

I don’t have any great streams to share … but other people do, so I’m linking out to their posts instead.

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