RPG A Day 2022 – Who would you like to Gamemaster for you?

My friends.

As we struggle to get back to real-world gaming after the pandemic, I want to get together with all my friends who love to run games … and let them run their games!. We already did this once over the summer, when my friend George organized a small multi-day game fest and invited a bunch of his friends.

We’ve been talking about follow-up real-world get togethers as well. With MEPACon moving to Bethlehem, PA (right down the road from Easton) from the Poconos, there will be even more opportunities for us to get together and play all those games we couldn’t play during the pandemic.

That said … it’s not all about real-world gaming. One of the upsides to the pandemic was reconnecting with my old podcasting friends, and making new friends through them. Being able to get together with them online on a regular basis has been fantastic, and helped me get through the most stir crazy days of the pandemic lockdown. I don’t to lose that, and I know there are still a ton of great stories to be told.

Finally … I’d like to return to GenCon and meet some random game masters running games I own but never played. (e.g. Monster of the WeekKids on BikesALIENMothership , MÖRK BORG) or games I love but don’t get to play enough (FATESavage WorldsDungeon Crawl Classics).

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