RPG a Day 2022 – How would you get more people playing RPGs?

In the post pandemic era, playing in the real-world’s gotten increasingly difficult. As people have moved away, we’ve stayed connected through online gaming, but I’m still itching to roll real dice in a real-world game.

At the same time, I know a bunch of my friends are interested in RPGs, but don’t have the time to join a regular weekly game. As I mentioned in my initial RPG-a-Day post, it’s got me thinking of running a weekly drop-in style Dungeons & Dragons game. It’d be a Westmarks-ish hexcrawl exploration game with the focus on quick-hit, 2-3 hour, self-contained adventures. I’d identify a pool of interested people and invite them to sign-up for a particular game night using a sign-up form. If we had critical mass for a given week, we’d run the game.

The whole thing would be low-pressure, low-commitment. Ideally, we’d have a certain core group of folks who played every week, but short, self-contained adventures means that you could easily rotate people in and out based on availability. Given real-life commitments for work, kids, and volunteering, this might be the best way to engage new people in the hobby, get in some real world gaming, and manage the stress of running a regular game.

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