RPG-a-Day 2021: Throne

The Malachite Throne of the Great Kingdom is one of the legendary artifacts of Greyhawk. The seat of power of the corrupt and collapsing kingdom of Aerdy (aka The Great Kingdom), the Fiend-Seeing Throne sets the tone for the entire region.

It’s also a campaign I’ve long wanted to run. Back in the day, TSR commissioned the Ivid the Undying sourcebook for Greyhawk. Written by Carl Sargent, it never saw an official print release. Instead, a rich text format version was released on America Online sans maps after Wizards of the Coast purchased TSR. Years later, fans turned it into a proper PDF with a layout that matches other products of the time.

The book details the madness of the great kingdom and its descent into civil war. It details the overking and the creation of his animus royal minions who led many of its provinces. It set up dozens of potential storylines, and tremendously expanded the setting’s lore.

My gaming group’s Blackrazor campaign began in the Northern Province of Aerdy, but left after they inadvertently burned down a good portion of Innspa and earned the ire of the Cantor Guild (a thieves guild) for various slights.

I’d love to return to the setting someday. I’m not sure what campaign I’d want to run, but there are Lots of options: desperate freedom fighters trying to defeat an evil overlord, retainers of a house engaged in a house war, adventurers trying to survive the eventual collapse of the capital Rauxes (eventually overrun by fiends and other horrors), thieves guild members eking out a living amidst the corruption of the dying realm … there are so many options.

I don’t know that I’d want to run a  multi-year campaign here, but a 12-episode campaign could be a lot of fun.

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A fan-created map of the Great Kingdom by Kent Matthewson based on copyrighted content by TSR.  Credit Kent Matthewson (image), TSR (content)

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