Radio Active #83: The Game Room Rebooted

Radio Active PodcastGood news — Nuketown Radio Active did not see its shadow!

The podcast emerged from its winter hiatus with an episode that looks at my new gaming room, runs down the video games I’ve been playing, and talks about the comic book companies you should be following on Twitter.

Getting the Show

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • Game Room rev 3
      • The last two months have seen us hard at work on our 3rd floor (my game room, my wife’s craft room)
      • New carpet, new lights, new desks, new shelves and (hopefully) a new TV for gaming, DVD watching.
      • A huge, time-consuming project but oh-so-worth-it.
      • Check out the photos on Flickr.
  • Promo: Accidental Survivors
  • My Gaming Life
    • Dragon Age: Origins … continued
      • Rebooted with a new character after I discovered that a town was destroyed … taking with it two NPCs.
    • Mass Effect 2
      • Sequel to Bioware’s SF RPG; this iteration feels more linear, and less RPG-like as it loses its inventory system (making the whole thing very Rainbow 6 like.
    • Return to D&D 4E: Revenge of the Giants

      • My gaming group’s playing D&D 4E again thanks to Revenge of the Giants, a megamodule involving a planar threat and (of course) lots of giants.
      • I reviewed the megamodule as part of The Tome podcast; the show should be up soon.
  • Promo: RPG Podcasts
  • Netheads
    • Comic Companies on Twitter
      • Because they publish Star Wars: Legacy, gave Star Wars: KOTOR a great run & are launching a new SW title
      • and because they got the value of Twitter from the beginning and are amusing reads
      • Follow for a steady stream of DC Comics news, but don’t expect the robot to talk back.
      • The feed for the DC line that does Twitter better than its parent company.
  • Promo: SFF Audio
  • Outro
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