Radio Active #78: Wii Have a Winner

Radio Active PodcastOn this episode of Nuketown Radio Active colds stalk the Newquist household, I geek out about some computer upgrades, and I return to the World of Warcraft.

In Netheads I look at the Bard of Valiant, an RPG blog and Saga-Edition, a fan web site dedicated to Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG.

Finally, I round out the podcast with a look at four cool games for the Nintendo Wii.

Getting the Show

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • Gloop Invades the Newquist Household
      • One, two punch: first colds, then stomach bug.
    • Podcasts Archives Fixed!

      • Khephren (coming in from Yog Sothoth) reported a problem with the show archives that prevented episodes 13 to about 32 from being downloadable has been fixed.
    • Computer Upgrades: I spent some of my hard earned freelance cash (remember all those reviews last fall/winter?) on some upgrades for my MacBook Pro and home office.
      • LACIE 320 GB Rugged Hard Drive
      • Dell 22″ HD LCD monitor
    • Return to World of Warcraft

      • I’m back in World of Warcraft after 3 years away. And Zilanderan was right there waiting for me.
      • Having a blast playing with my gaming group.
  • Promo: Serving Worlds by John Mierau
  • Netheads
    • Bard of Valiant
      • RPG gaming blog that spends a goodly amount of time talking about science fiction (which, as a newbie scifi gm, I appreciate greatly).
      • Recent posts include “Prophesy”, “A Dark Earth” science fiction campaign setting, random scifi encounter with a killer garden.
    • The Star Wars Saga Editon RPG Databank

      • Includes conversions from earlier editions, new rules (e.g. Jedi and Sith holocrons), NPC write-ups, feat and talent indexes (though I wish they’d identifty which book they came from in their master lists) and much more.
  • Promo: The Secret Lair
  • Game Review: Wii Games
    • Animal Crossing: City Folk
      • More of the same; if you’ve played the DS version there’s not a lot new here. There’s a new city to visit, 20% more furniture, but game play remains the same.
    • Cooking Mama: International Kitchen
      • Complete various recipes to make virtual meals. Very Japanese, but StarGirl likes it.
    • The Force Unleashed
      • The graphics may not be as good as the 360, but you can use the Wiimote as a lightsaber. ’nuff said.
    • Outdoor Life Adventure Challenge
      • Comes with a floor mat (a la Dance Dance Revolution?) that you can use to control the onscreen actions. Games include running, jumping, mine cart races, tunnel sliding. A big hit in our house.
  • Outro
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