Radio Active #41: Harping Monkey’s Second Life, SysStat, Model Makers

Sickness and teething played havoc with Radio Active’s publication schedule, but the podcast returns with a shorter show that catches folks up on happenings around the thermonuclear burg. In Net News, I take a look at the Harping Monkey Inn’s virtual digs within Second Life, talk about the SysStat widget for Mac OS X, and discuss the Model Maker’s Podcast, a show dedicated to tips and tutorials for wargamers and modelers.

Getting the Podcast

Show Notes

  • Intro
  • Promo: GBN Goblin Broadcast Network
  • Site News
    • LibraryThing: I’ve created a page within LibraryThing for Radio Active book reviews.
    • MySpace: Yeah, I setup a profile on MySpace. And it even brings in the occasional visitor to the Podcast.
    • The Two Towers: The Complete Recordings
      • 3 discs, three hours, way too much to listen to in a single sitting or possible review in a single post … so I’m going to blog it.
    • New Archive: Slightly easier to navigate than the old archive.
    • Restoring Fiction: Going to work on restoring the old fiction archive; some authors still send people to Nuketown, and I’m looking to finally get off my ass and post some of my old stuff to the site.
    • NeutronLad: The baby’s been either teething, sick, or both, for the last three weeks, leaving us with very little sleep. I think we’ve had two good nights in the last month. Fortunately Sue’s mom is coming over tomorrow and staying the night, so we may get some rest. Nothing quite like getting up with NeutronLad at 3 a.m. to play Hexic on Xbox … unless it’s getting up at 2 a,m. with StarGirl to play Warcraft.
  • Promo:
    • Geek Label Podcast
  • Net News
    • The Harping Monkey Inn manifests with Second Life
      • The first place in Second Life I’ve visited that feels even remotely like the real world. Got together there for a podcaster gathering on Monday night, and while I didn’t stay long (Luke had other ideas) it was a great place to visit.
      • Features an art gallery on the second floor and has plans for musical acts. All in all, a giant leap forward for virtual reality.
      • Find me in Second Life as Nuke Griffis
    • iStat Pro
      • Systems widget for your Mac. Network, memory, disk drive, process and storage information about your Mac.
      • (Internet Archive)
    • The Model Makers Podcast
      • Tips and Tutorials for Wargamers and Model Makers!
      • (Internet Archive)
  • Promo: Dragon’s Landing Inn Promo
  • Outro
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