Ornament-a-Day 2019: Santa Spider-man

In my heart of hearts, I’m an X-Men fan … but I have a lot of affection for Spider-man. That waxes and wanes based on storylines; I have a bunch of Spidey comic books from the Todd Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-man days, but I stopped collecting during the terrible One More Day/Brand New Day retconning storyline that saw Peter and Mary Jane not only break up, caused their marriage never to happen.

I got back into it over the last year with the release of Sony’s awesome Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse animated film. It inspired me to delve into the comicbook Spider-verse storyline in Marvel Unlimited, and then the Spider-man videogame for Playstation 4 drew me in even deeper.

Oh, and the Marvel movies weren’t half-bad either.

But I digress. Santa Spider-man predates all of this. This long-time Geek Tree fixture was an impulse buy and is one of the few non-Hallmark ornaments on the tree. The unpowered ornament features everyone’s favorite neighborhood web-slinger wearing a Santa hat and carrying a bag of gifts over his shoulder. It’s a cute – and holiday-appropriate – an ornament that usually gets a prominent place on the Geek Tree (unsurprisingly, kids and adults love it).

Now if I could just find a Miles Morales ornament…

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