@NuketownSF: Zinequest 3! Thru-Hiker, Infinite March, Planar Compass, Creature Feature

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of January 31, 2021.

Kickstarter’s annual #Zinequest is back! This month Nuketown will be promoting our favorite #Zinequest3 publications and resources, starting with the event’s homepage: https://www.kickstarter.com/zinequest

ZINEQUEST | Zinequest 2021 @ Bone Box Chant – A huge list of all of the active and upcoming zines being published as part of #Zinequest3.

ZINEQUEST | Thru-Hiker: A Journaling Game of Long-Distance Hiking – Sounds like the perfect intersection of outdoor and gaming geekery.  #trailtophilmont #zinequest

ZINEQUEST | Infinite March – A zine about working as agents to support (or tear down) the Temporal Empire and its eternal rule. #zinequest #zinequest3 #rpg

ZINEQUEST | Planar Compass Issue 2 – Explore the Astral Sea with this Old School Essentials-compatible zine. Includes new monsters, a “living dungeon”, astral navigation rules, and (of course) pirates. #zinequest3 #rpg

ZINEQUEST | Creature Feature a #ZineQuest3 monster TTRPG anthology. There’s not much up about this one, but it had me at “Creature Feature”. #zinequest #zinequest3 #rpg

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