New Year’s Gaming Goals and Resolutions

RPG Blog Carnival logoI typically don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but since my Dire Liege has asked for some, I find myself inclined to oblige him. Specifically, Berin Kinsman at is leading January’s RPG Blog Carnival, which is delving into “New Year’s Gaming Goals and Resolutions”. (Internet Archive)

So here we go. I resolve to:

Run an RPG for my daughter: Jordan’s been asking when she can start playing D&D. She’s five, so I think it’s a little soon to delve into the complexities of Dungeons & Dragons, but I’m thinking Risus would be a great fit, followed by Savage Worlds.

Attend Origins 2009: I’ve been to GenCon, but I’ve always wanted to go to the other big summer gaming convention: Origins. I’ve got a bunch of online friends who make it their regular game show, and hitting Origins is my only chance to see them. Plus, I hear Origins has a more laid-back vibe than GenCon, and I’m eager to experience it firsthand.

Game with Mur Lafferty: I’ve been virtual friends with Mur for years, but have never gamed with her. With any luck, she’ll be at Origins and we can get together for a game or two.

Play Three New Games: I’d like to try out three new games this year (new to me, not necessarily the world). Right now my list consists of: Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy, Traveller and Pathfinder. I’m also interested in trying Houses of the Blooded and Dogs in the Vineyard.

Write for three other gaming web sites/magazines: I’d like to line up a few more writing gigs in 2009. I’ve got a few in mind, but my ultimate goal is to diversify my writing portfolio beyond the big three of, Knights of the Dinner Table and Nuketown.

These are fairly conservative goals to be sure, and all but one of them may be achievable simply by attending Origins. But I hate resolutions that are more pipe dreams than goals, and these are all doable. Besides, I’ve got some other goals — namely writing, fitness and a Nuketown redesign — that will take precedence in 2009, so I can’t get too consumed by these side projects.

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