Look Ma — I’m Wireless!

I posted this using my new wireless network.

Too freaking cool.

I’m not sure if all my networking issues are now resolved, but they maybe. The router managed to connect as it should, even after I took the night off to watch the Super Bowl, so that “disconnect after 2 hours” bug I was having seems to have been resolved. Maybe it was a Verizon thing after all.

On the wireless card front, I figured out why it wasn’t working: misconfiguration. The initial set-up for my laptop didn’t have the wireless card configured properly, and as a result, it couldn’t find the network.

So I deleted the device driver, let Windows XP find it again, and whammo it finds the net and I’m posting this from my living room.

The signal strength of this Netgear router is very good — I have a strong signal even though the router’s on the third floor, and I’m writing this on the first one.

Heck, I may be able to surf from the front porch or the backyard this summer. Truly the gods of wireless have smiled upon me.

Now if only it works as well tomorrow …

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