Ken, Son of Thor, Thwarted by Samsung

When last we saw our villain, he had just destroyed his Samsung integrated receiver/home theatre system with a touch as a spark of static electricity leapt from his finger to the power button of the system, destroying it in a flare of blue LED light.

Flash forward two weeks, and see our heroine Sue calling Samsung about the destruction of said system, which was sadly just out of warranty. Amazingly though, Samsung volunteered to fix the broken system because it was just out of warranty, thus saving our happy couple about $300 as they narrowly avoided having to buy a new stereo/dvd player. The fixed machine arrived back yesterday, and is now setup and working just fine.

So kudos to Samsung for replacing the slightly-out-of-warranty system. As for our hero, he setup a humidifier to help reduce the build up of static charge on the first floor, and now has a small chunk of metal next to the TV that he touches before handling any electronics.

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