Into the Wireless Frontier…

I took the plunge last night, and ordered a wireless hub (by Netgear) and an Airport card (by Apple) in an effort to finally go wireless at home.

The nifty new Apple Airport Extreme wireless hub is neat — it supports the blazing fast IEEE 802.11g wireless standard, and is a reasonable $199 (as opposed to the old Airport hub, which supported 802.11b and was priced at an unreasonable $299) but it was overkill for my immediate needs — I don’t have any laptops that support the “g” standard, and won’t for quite sometime.

The Netgear hub was just over $100 and looks like it’ll do the job quite well. I had to get the Airport card because I have an iBook, and that’s the only wireless card it supports, but given the iBook’s legendary range (it’s quite good) I don’t have any problem with that.

Unfortunately, now I have to wait 7-10 days for my new wireless existence to begin. I can’t hardly wait though — in less then two weeks I’ll finally be able to surf the net from my coach (or my gaming room, which is equally cool).

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