Gleemax is Dead

Wizards of the Coast is killing Gleemax. WotC is refocusing their efforts after the fumbled launch of the D&D Insider initiative (ok, I say “fumbled” you say “catastrophic failure…”), which failed to include the over-promised and much coveted online gaming table and character generators for D&D 4th Edition and the painful Magic Online v3 upgrade which has caused a tremendous amount of frustration among Magic players (or at least, the ones I know).

I can’t say I’m surprised. I thought Gleemax was poorly executed from Day 1. It was supposed to be a social networking site for gamers, but at its launch it was just a glorified message forum, and it never evolved much beyond that. I know some folks enjoyed the conversations they found there, but honestly, you can have those conversations anywhere. You didn’t need yet another site for that, and if you couldn’t deliver on the promised social networking aspects at launch, then why bother?

Good-bye Gleemax … and good riddance.

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