213 lbs.: Back to Gutchecking

After long months of intermittent exercise brought on by family craziness, business trips, bouts of novel writing and a dozen other excuses, I’m finally getting back to a consistent exercise regime. I had been getting to the gym and pool intermittently over the spring and summer, but for the most part, I’ve been slacking.

And it shows.

After reaching a personal best (at least in the modern era, which I’ll define as beginning at age 30) of 196 lbs., my weight’s crept back up to 213 lbs. Actually, it was 214 lbs. last week, but it inched back down again after a solid week of exercise and a few less Mountain Dews.

I’m endeavoring to get back to the Land of 195 by the start of autumn (we can set Sept. 21 as a firm deadline). As before, I’ll be blogging about my efforts, but unlike last time I’ll also have some inspiration in the form of the GutCheckCast.

My routine is fairly straightforward. I’m going to be going to the gym 3 days a week to do ellipticals, cycling and the treadmill. I’ll also be swimming at least two days a week, preferably three. I’m also striving to reduce my soda consumption back down to one can a day from the two to three I’d creeped back up to over the last few months.

All in all, I’m still in fairly good shape. I walk to work most days, and combined with my irregular exercise I’m still a long way from the 224 (or was it 226?) I started at so I view this more as a bump than a road block (albeit a fairly big bump).

So … to start the blogging off, last week I met my goal of 3 days at the gym and 3 days at the pool. This week, I started off with 30 minutes on the elliptical machine on Monday. I plan on doing daily updates about my progress, as I find those are a better motivator than the weekly posts, but I’ll only be doing the “gut check” on Mondays.

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