FollowFriday: Star Wars: Saga Edition

A whole host of people involved in Star Wars: Saga Edition in one form or another have joined Twitter over the last few weeks. It’s great to see — D&D 4th Edition and Pathfinder have sizable fan bases on Twitter, but until recently¬†Star Wars has been lagging. Hopefully with these new additions we’ll see a nice uptick in Saga Edition-related tweets. If nothing else I’d love to see in-game tweets from these folks — we’ve had a blast tweeting our campaign adventures, and it’s be cool to read about what others are doing.

Here’s my Follow Friday list, Star Wars edition:

, , Co-hosts of the Order 66 podcast, the fan podcast for the Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG #swse #followfriday

Developer for Star Wars: Saga Edition, Dark Sun at WotC, Freelance writer for Star Wars #swse #followfriday

Scifi & fantasy mapmaker Knights of the Old Republic writer, Mass Effect comic book scripter #swse #followfriday

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