Delta Green available in PDF, Print on Demand

Delta Green, the 1990s era game of espionage, intrigue, and cyclopian madness, is available in PDF and print-on-demand formats from DriveThru RPG. Released by by Pagan Publishing, the new high-quality PDFs scans of the original books. So far the sourcebooks Delta Green and Delta Green: Countdown and Delta Green have been released. Two short fiction anthologies, Alien Intelligence and Dark Theatres, are also available.

This is great news. Although it’s dated now, Delta Green remains a fantastic read, and it perfectly captures the conspiratorial/millennial anxiety that was so common in the late 1990s. The books have long been out of print, and at times have been hard to find, so it’s good to seem them back in print (or something resembling print)

Even even better is the news that Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity is going to be released as well. Targets of Opportunity was the third core DG core book, but it only saw a limited print run. I’d love to get the book in PDF or print, so here is to hoping we see it soon.

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