Deep Vistas Map Set at Kickstarter

Master mapmaker Chris West has launched a kickstarter project to fund “Deep Vistas”, his latest collection of maps. These six maps are focused on underground adventuring and include: Stalactite Gate, Slave Pits, Chapel of Scarabs, Dark Elf Courtyard, Silent Garden and Chasm Bridge. They’re gorgeous looking maps, and although they’re obviously fantasy themed, and have a very “Vault of the Drow” feeling to them, it’d be easy enough to use them in horror or science fiction campaigns as well. There are different funding options but the best is likely the $36 for all three double-sided maps.

The Kickstarter goal for the project is $7,800; as of 1/19 the project was just about halfway there. Here’s to hoping it makes it — I could easily see using these maps in a Savage Worlds fantasy one-shot at MEPACon this spring…

Check out a video overview of Deep Vistas or join the Kickstarter project.

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