Radio Active #84: Not Dead Yet

Radio Active PodcastGood news everyone! Nuketown Radio Active isn’t dead … and neither is Futurama.

On this episode of Radio Active I catch up on a year’s worth of happenings, talk about my new Picture a Day project, and take a look at some of the computer games that I’ve been playing during the hiatus.

In Netheads I uncover the Race for the Galaxy AI card game and Mutant Future, a science fiction RPG inspired by Gamma World.

Getting the Show

Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • Farewell Mad Dog, Hello Indiana
      • My labrador retriever Madison died earlier this summer. Sad day for everyone in the Newquist household, whch left us dogless for the first time in 13 years.
      • Filling that void is our new puppy, a yellow lab named Indiana.
    • Geek on an Island, 2010
      • I went back to Butler Island on Lake Champlain for not one, but two vacations. Great trips that helped me make a dent in my summer reading list
    • Futurama is back!
      • After going off the air in 2002 and releasing a series of movies to straight to DVD, it came back on on Comedy Central with Season 6 in 2010. We got 13 episodes last year (including a new Christmas episode!), and will get another 13 in 2011. Beyond that, no one knows.
      • And yes, it’s funny!
    • iPhone 4

      • Finally got a smart phone!
    • Picture a Day
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  • What I’m Playing:

    • Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360

      • Epic space opera follow-up to Bioware’s original Mass Effect.
      • Downplays the RPG elements with weapons loadouts like Modern Warfare or some other shooter, no inventory. But it’s still a lot of fun and the closest you’ll come to a
      • Buy it from
    • Infinite Space

      • Space opera for the Nintendo DS in which you buy starships and ultimately command fleet of up to five vessels.
      • Japanese RPG (so the protagonist is a sixteen year old boy out to save the universe).
      • Combat is rock/scissors/paper simple BUT there’s a lot of customization in terms of crew and ship modules. Unfortunately I got bogged down in an impossible battle and gave up.
      • Buy it from
    • DragonQuest IX

      • A game I’m actually still playing. Very deep, very strong RPG with lots of quests and customization.
      • Can link up with other DSes playing the game to trade maps, items, etc.
      • Too … damn … cool. It’s my go-to DS game.
    • Dragon Age

      • I’ve been playing it on and off for a year. So-so graphics, great, morally complex story. There aren’t any easy decisions in this game, and the consequenses stick with you.
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  • Netheads
    • Race for the Galaxy computer game
      • Fan generated, for Mac and PC, based on the first two expansions.
      • Fun game, but very, very difficulty. Feels even more like solitare without other humans at the table.
    • Mutant Future
      • Old-school take on Gamma World by the guys who did Labryinth Lord. If you like your post-apocolyptic fiction with hyper-intelligent carrots and quests for mystical artifacts of a bygone age (like say, a ballpoint pen) this is your game.
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  • Outro
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