Prologue 2017

A brilliant pink, orange, and yellow sunset fades to blue. Power lines and trees are backlit by the sunset.

Prologue 2017 was a test project I ran while doing the redesign. The goal of the project was to experiment with different ways of incorporating photos into the design, as well as seeing how I could post a project with daily updates. Prologue 001: Sandy Hook, NJ Prologue 002: Play Ball! Prologue 003: Defending the … Read more

Prologue 031: Stairs to Nowhere

A stone staircase leads to a forested hill.

One of the great things about living in Easton, Pa. is the history. The area has been settled for centuries, so there’s all these great bits of history lying around, like old staircases that once ascended the hills surrounding College Hill.

Prologue 030: Tanglewood

Two street signs and a stop sign appear against a background of green-leafed trees.

My morning walk takes me up to the forested heights of College Hill in Easton, Pa. It’s approximately a 2.5 mile loop consisting of .5 mile stretches of road broken up by switchbacks.

Prologue 029: Morning Walk

Rain clouds overhead, dark trees barely illuminated in the morning light. A street lamp glows to the right.

Now that spring is here and the sun is rising earlier, my dog Indiana and I are back to our morning walks. This morning was a particularly cold and rainy one; the roads were wet as we headed out but fortunately the rain itself was little more than a mist.

Prologue 028: Back to the ‘Pigs

A minor league baseball park at sunset. The mostly blue sky is punctuated with clouds shading darker as the sun goes down.

For about the last decade or so, my friends and I have had ticket plans for the IronPigs. We started off with 9 game plans — one plan per person with three people attending. We’re now up to four 18 game plans, with six people in the mix. It’s been a great stress reliever, particularly … Read more

Prologue 027: Regal Hank

A yellow Labrador retriever puppy looks out on a green field.

Hank is a Seeing Eye puppy in training, and in this picture he’s learning how to chill on the quad at nearby Lafayette College. At the time this was taken, he was about seven months old.