Space Balls Invade Mars!

No, I’m not talking about those Space Balls. NASA will be landing the truck-sized Mars Research Laboratory on Mars in Fall 2009. If the Swedes have their way, the gigantic rover will be accompanied by a number of ball-shaped probes that will roll around the larger probe. The idea is that the balls can go … Read more

CNN: Google Earth to launch Sky for stargazers

Google is launching a virtual stargazing program called Sky. It will allow users to explore millions of stars, and will support layers for things such as views from the Hubble Space Telescope. One has to wonder how long it will take the Trekkers to start mapping out Gene Roddenbury’s universe in this thing…

To Sail the Methane Seas of Titan

We’ll never get to explore along side John Carter on Mars, but it’s always nice to know that worlds as weird as anything Edgar Rice Burroughs might have imagined do exist … minus the warlords and Martian princesses of course. NASA’s Cassini space probe has found good evidence of large seas on Titan, Saturn’s moon … Read more

Gazing Skyward with Stellarium

Stellarium is an open source sky simulator that allows you to view the constellations as they appear from any place on Earth, at any time you choose. It’s a beautiful piece of software, with fantastic sunsets and night skies (as you can see from the screenshots). I’m still exploring it — I’m still not sure … Read more