Blogworthy: Smart Star Wars Soldiers, Witcher Timeline, Pulp Magazine Archive, Stem Cell Robots, Ice Safety for Giant Monsters

The Mandalorian Is the Only Smart Soldier in the Star Wars Galaxy – The Angry Staff Officer at explains how everyone’s new favorite bounty hunter and his ally, the former Rebel Alliance drop trooper Cara Dune are the first on-screen soldiers in the Star Wars universe to use reasonable, intelligent strategies and tactics.

Here’s why writing things out by hand makes you smarter: I learn – and remember – best when I write things out longhand. It turns out I’m not the only one.

The Witcher Season 1 Now Has an Official Interactive Timeline – I’m not a Witcher aficionado but I’m intrigued enough by its Eastern European roots to give Netflix’s The Witcher live-action series a try. As many have written, it can be a difficult series to keep track of – it jumps between times without providing many contexts. Personally, I think I’m following it … but only because I knew going in that the main characters’ timelines weren’t in sync. This official interactive timeline should help people understand what is happening when in the series.

How to make the Touch Bar slightly more tolerable – New MacBook Pros come with a thing called the “touch bar”, which is a touch-sensitive, interactive digital strip that replaces the function/utility keys at the top of the Mac’s keyboard. When first released a few years ago, it was derided by programmers because it replaced a physical escape (ESC) key with a virtual one.

In the latest iteration of the MacBook, the ESC key is back, but the Touch Bar remains (albeit slightly smaller). While it doesn’t bother me, I also don’t get much use out of it. This article offers tips on how to make it more useful (or at least, less actively annoying)

Enter the Pulp Magazine Archive, Featuring Over 11,000 Digitized Issues of Classic Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Detective Fiction – ‘Nuff said.

Greyhawk Runes – A Pinterest collection of runic symbols for your World of Greyhawk campaign.

Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots – The Delta Green scenario practically writes itself.

Minimum Ice Thickness Guide – Vermont State Parks want you to be aware of the dangers of thin ice. Even if you’re a giant bipedal lizard who can blast your enemies with radioactive steam.

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The Mandalorian promo art. Credit: Lucasarts/Disney.


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