Backing the Numenera Kickstarter

I backed the Numenera Kickstarter today after I had a moment of panic over breakfast that I’d missed the deadline. The kickstarter for Monte Cook’s far-future science fantasy role-playing game has four days left to go, and has hit the amazing total of $338,450.

That’s just … huge. The kickstarter has broken all of Monte’s stretch goals and yielded an impressive line up of game materials. You can read about them on his web site. Of course, the question now becomes … can he deliver? Given his track record with Dungeons & Dragons, Arcana Unearthed, and Malhavoc Press in general, I’m confident he will. Or at least, I’m confident in the print materials. I’m not so sure about the character creator; that strikes me as being more complicated than he might originally have anticipated (just look at how long for D&D to get a worthwhile character creator).

I’m not sure what we’re going to run when our Second Darkness campaign ends — I could see D&D, but I think that Numenera could be a contender. There’s a lot of interest in our group, and at least two of us have joined the kickstarter. It’s going to be released in Summer 2013, so the timing is right and at this point the game is guaranteed to have enough content to support a full-blown campaign.

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