A Christmas Hiatus

As you can probably tell from the lack of posts around here lately, Nuketown’s on a mini-hiatus for the holidays.

I’ve got a week off from work, and I’m using it relax. I’m spending time with my wife and daughter, getting together with friends, playing games (Halo 2 on Xbox, Mario 64 on Nintendo DS), gorging myself on a half-dozen new DVDs (Return of the King, Star Wars Trilogy, browsing a horde of D&D source books (Eberron Campaigin book, Monster Manual III, Expanded Psionics Handbook, and even reading a few books (Just a Geek, Gardens on the Moon, Bloody Crown of Conan).

In short, I’ll be geeking out in the extreme, and loving every minute of it!

For Nuketown, this means that I won’t be doing much with the site until the first week of January, probably around the 5th or so. I might post the occasional nethead if it strikes my fancy, but for the most part I’m planning to sit back, kick up my feet, and revel in holiday cheer (and the occasional beer).

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