Writers Guidelines

Nuketown is always looking for like-minded individuals interested in contributing commentary, reviews, links, and hoax debunkings to the site.

        We are not a paying market at this time, but we do offer a chance to gain exposure and experience. Case in point -- I started publishing <i>Nuketown</i> in 1996. The experience I gained writing for the ol'thermonuclear burg helped me get freelance assignments for <i>SCI-FI.com</i>, <i>Knights of the Dinner Table</i> and <i>SF Site</i>. Will you see similar results writing for <i>Nuketown</i>? That's impossible to say ... but the practice can't hurt.

Fiction Guidelines

         <em>Nuketown's</em> Fiction is closed to submissions, but you can still check out our guidelines. When our fiction section is open, we're looking for heroic science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories with libertarian themes. <a href="cityhall/guidelines/fiction">Go to the guidelines.</a>

Non-Fiction Guidelines

        We're always looking for non-fiction contributors to write editorials, reviews, hoax debunkings, articles and features for Nuketown. <a href="cityhall/guidelines/nonfiction">Go to the guidelines</a>.

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