Where Are All the Science Fiction Blogs?

I’e been kicking over ideas over what Web sites I can review next, either for Nuketown or Science Fiction Weekly (Internet Archive) (and kicking around a new story idea for GreenTentacles), and decided to do a little surfing for Weblogs.

After all, blogs are the “big thing” right about now, and one would expect that the Web would be crawling with them. Surely, one thinks, there should be a few dozen scifi dedicated blogs out there.

One would be wrong.

Oh there’s William Gibson’s weblog but the godfather of cyberpunk’s site seems to be the exception to this rule: people like to occasionally comment on SF, but few people seem willing to dedicate their blogs to it.

It’s enough to make an editor decide to set-up his own formal scifi-blog…

So … am I right or wrong? If you know of a scifi blog — especially one written by a science fiction notable — send it to me at knewquist@nuketown.com

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