Thoughts from a Seven Month Old’s Dad

Puppy Paws Rock: Now that StarGirl’s mobile, she loves crawling across the floor to our yellow Labrador, Madison, reaching out for one of her paws, and trying to pet it. Madison is less than thrilled with this, and promptly gets up and moves to another part of the room. StarGirl, of course, follows, and the cycle repeats until Madison wises up and seeks higher ground.

The Baby is a Food Source: While we’re talking dogs, there is one thing that Madison appreciates about StarGirl: food. Ever since StarGirl started eating solid foods, Mad Dog has made it a priority to be in the kitchen for feedings. As of yet all she gets is StarGirl’s bowl to lick when she’s finished, but clearly she’s hoping for more (and I’m sure she’ll get it once Jordie’s eating food that’s more … throwable).

Clapping is Fun! StarGirl figured out how to clap this week, and she’s very enthusiastic about it — it’s just so much fun and so darn entertaining! Ok, maybe not as much fun as power cords, but still fun. Learning how to beat things together (like say, cups) can’t be far off.

Grinding Those New Teeth: StarGirl’s got two lower teeth (her two middle teeth) and she’s getting two up top as well — the ones to either side of what’ll be her two top front teeth. And she’s figured out how to grind those little top stubs against the two bottom ones that are already in. It’s an … unnerving sound and we’re not quite sure why she’s doing it. We figure its partly because she can, and partly because its helping those upper teeth work their way in.

The Great Office Re-Organization: After a short discussion, Sue and I decided to switch our old office (a small room with direct access to the stairs and no door) with Sue’s craft room (a larger room with a door). My initial thought was that we could make more efficient use of the third floor if we moved things around, but as we talked about it, we realized that the move was ideal because of that door between the office and the craft room. If we swapped the two rooms, we could get more space for our office, clear out a nice place on the floor for StarGirl to play in AND (most importantly in the long run) close the freaking door so that StarGirl couldn’t make a break for the stairs. That’s a big deal now that StarGirl’s crawling and has no desire to sit in her bouncy seat while we happily read e-mail, balance accounts or write features — in the old office we simply couldn’t risk letting her crawl around for fear she’d decide to “explore” the stairs.

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