The Gingerbread Zombie Apocalypse is Upon Us

Survivors of zombie uprising fall back to a gingerbread house.
Nothing says Christmas like gingerbread and zombies. Credit: WireSmash.

We all knew it was just a matter of time until the zombies rose up from their graves, the sickly-sweet smell of confectioners sugar still clinging to their rotting forms, and attacked the neighborhood gingerbread church. Or at least, we should have.

This gingerbread diorama features a gingerbread church surrounded by the newly risen undead, and a handful of survivors. It cheats a bit — the zombies and survivors aren’t made from candy (unlike, say, the spectacle of Helm’s Deep) but I’ll forgive them that indiscretion given that they included a classic Jeep CJ-5. It looks like they used confectioners sugar and icing for the snowscape, and I have no idea what the trees are made of. All in all, it looks great … and makes me think I really need to ramp up my own gingerbread efforts next year…

Check out the Zombie Style Gingerbread house in all its post-apocalyptic glory.

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