The Atomic Age: Nuketown’s New Blog

I’ve been publishing Nuketown as a webzine, and then as a sort of webzine/blog hybrid, since 1996. So why am I ringing in the new year by creating a blog apart from the ol’thermonuclear site?

There are a bunch of reasons, but the biggest one is that despite its shifts to a more bloggish set-up, Nuketown remains very much a webzine-type site. Most of its content is given over to reviews, news and links, and it doesn’t lend itself particularly well to short, personal blog entries.

Enter The Atomic Age, a blog that will intersect Nuketown, but which will let me expand in other directions as well. Oh sure, there will be plenty of the old familiar geek-centric stuff, but expect the occasional rant about my commute, thoughts on parenting, and yes, the occasional libertarian digression. I plan on using this blog to experiment with a more concise style of writing (and perhaps excerpts of fictional “works in progress”) while at the same time integrating photos, videos, and other snippets not easily included in Nuketown.

So why the name “Atomic Age”? It’s a name I’ve been kicking around with relation to Nuketown side projects for a while now — for me, it evokes a spirit of adventure and discovery, of a time when flying cars, personal nuclear reactors, and weekend jaunts to the Moon weren’t just day dreams, but were expected to become reality.

Don’t worry though — this won’t be affecting Nuketown much, except perhaps to help increase traffic to it. I’ll be posting all of my longer blog entries here, as well as all of my reviews, interviews, and news items. The Atomic Age is an addition, not a subtraction.

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