Off the Bookshelf: Hyperion, The Golden Compass, American Gods

An armored humanoid, covered in sharp spikes, overlooks a vast golden field.

The end of the summer saw me pick up a bunch of new books, including Hyperion and its sequel, The Fall of Hyperion and autumn actually gave me enough time to read one of them! As we moved into December, the movie release of Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass – and the religious controversy that … Read more

Radio Active #22: Trilogy Philosophy, Hypertext d20 SRD, MirrorMask Soundtrack

The much discussed, long-delayed MirrorMask soundtrack is finally reviewed, but not before I spend some time discussing the logic (or lack there off) behind small-press publishers releasing books in trilogy format. I also talk about the Hypertext d20 SRD, an excellent resource for stressed game masters. Getting the Podcast Download the MP3 directly Show Notes … Read more