State of the Burg: 11/9

Given the dearth of posts around Nuketown last week, I thought I’d borrow a page from Uncle Bear’s Sunday Brunch and give an update on the ol’thermonuclear burg. The day job has settled back down to its normal routine, but as Doc Brown once said “It’s your kids … something has got to be done about your kids!”

The few weeks in late September/early October where everyone was sick have given rise to some serious sleep problems around our house. The kids are sleeping through the night about two nights out of every seven … if we’re lucky.

And we’re not very lucky.

Bad dreams, hacking coughs, wet diapers — every night there’s some new wrinkle that has one or both kids up, crying and wanting us. We’ve been battling back, trying to get them to sleep in their own beds, taking steps (like giving them less to drink before bed time) to cut down on bathroom trips and wet diapers, doing our best to rock them back to sleep, but sometimes you just have to give up and bring them to bed.

Coupled with a bumper crop of freelance game reviews to do, and my wife’s month-long run up to a holiday craft show in November, and an Xbox 360 that decided to up and die in the middle of it all, well  I’ve just been too tired to think.

Thus, no blogging.

Things are better now though. I got a chance to recharge my psychic batteries Saturday night by watching a huge amount of DVR’d geek TV (Life on Mars, MythBusters, Stargate: Atlantis), reading two months’s worth of comic books, chatting with The Secret Lair guys for two upcoming podcasts and then watching even more TV (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

I ended up heading to bed around 3 a.m., which was fine since I got to sleep in Sunday morning.It was just the sort of mental downtime I needed, and I’m grateful for it. I’m feeling about a thousand times more relaxed than I did on Friday, and my brain’s already itching to get back to writing.

So you can expect to see Nuketown returning to something resembling its regular schedule over the next few weeks, though it’ll likely be lighter than normal thanks to another round of freelance assignments coming up, as well as the half-mad scramble to get the house decluttered/cleaned up for the holiday. You can expect at least one Radio Active this month, maybe two depending on free time and sleep, but no promises.

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