RPG A Day 2022 – What situation is your character currently in?

Three characters, three campaigns, three current situations:

Zor Nabat (Star Wars: The Republic): Czerka Corporaton acquired a government license to extract water from the ocean world of Glee Anselm, home of the Nautolan species. Czerka, being the epitome of the evil megacorp, doesn’t care about the ecological fallout. Zor, who’s family business was destroyed by Czerka, does. Now the crew is looking to learn more about the operation … and to figure out how to stop it.

Kne Godfinder (D&D 5th Edition: Chroniclers): Our heroes spent a year recovering lost knowledge and artifacts from the Giant’s Plain region for their patron, Phildarius. Ony it turns out the real Phildarius is dead and the one we’ve been working for wants to summon an extraplaner force to invade a city. We’ve got a cunning plan to stop it: tell everyone we meet what’s happening, and then fight the bad guys (subterfuge is not our strong point).

Miles MacGuffin (GURPS: The Fast and the Furious): Two years ago, ecoterrorists paid us to blow up a dam in Egypt. That payment came in the form of gold bars stolen from the Chinese central bank. Since then the Chinese government has been after us, believing that we were responsible for the billion dollar gold heist, but we’re innocent (at least, of that crime). A nefarious mastermind known only as Mr. Bistro framed us, and we’ve been reluctantly pulling jobs for him in which we launder the stolen gold by breaking into banks and replacing their gold with our stolen bars. It hasn’t gone well, and a confrontation with Mr. Bistro is looming large.

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