RPG A Day 2022 – If you could live in a game setting where would it be?

Sigil, City of Doors, because from there, you can use its myriad magical portals to go anywhere in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. I thought of Sigl because my first answer was the City of Brass, the famed effreti city on the Elemental Plane of Fire that was featured so prominently on the back of the original Dungeon Master’s Guide. But while I’d love to visit the City of Brass … I don’t think I’d want to live there.

Sigil itself is a funky city. As the detailed in the Forgotten Realms Wiki:

Sigil was located in the Outlands, hovering above the immensely tall landmark known as the Spire that stood at the plane’s center. From the Outlands, it was possible to see Sigil hovering atop the Spire as the mountaintop vanished into nothingness.

Sigil was shaped like the inside of a torus. According to official measurements by the Harmonium, the city’s primary diameter―that is, the ring’s diameter―was 5 miles (8 kilometers), with a circumference of 20 miles (32 kilometers). Later measurements put the primary diameter at approximately 6.4 miles (10 kilometers), with the same circumference as the Harmonium’s measurements, and a secondary diameter―the ring’s thickness―of approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers).

It’s a cosmopolitan city teaming with people from dozens, or maybe hundreds, of different planes and realities, so you’d never run out of things to do.

Runner-up is the World of Greyhawk, the campaign setting my friends and I spent a good deal of our lives exploring and building as part of our Blackrazor Guild campaign. To be able to walk the medieval streets of the Free City of Greyhawk, to gaze upon the bottomless depths of the great lake of Nyr Dyv, to visit the regal city of Niole Dra in Keoland, to get a beer at the Blackened Stump in Obsidian Bay … those would be experiences worth having.

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Sigil, as depicted in the cover art for the Planescape boxed set. Credit: TSR/Wizards of the Coast

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