Red-Eyed, Hack-Lunged Geek Dad

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning with your eyes glued shut.

That’s what happened to me this morning as I struggled awake on the sofa bed, annoyed at a certain yellow Labrador who was trying to push me off the mattress so she could have more room to spread out.

My eyes were crusted together, which is a lovely indicator of Pink Eye, or a Pink-Eye-like condition. And the said thing is … that’s an improvement. The last week has seen me sidelined by a particularly nasty cold that had me fighting my old nemesis Post-Nasal Drip for three days.

As per normal, I have the kids to thank for this. Both got sick last week, and took Sue down with them. I’d hoped to escape the Week of Hacking Mucus unscathed, but alas, they dragged me down on Monday.

Thus the lack of any posts (or podcasts) on Nuketown for the last week.

It wasn’t a complete loss — my sleepless nights let me watch a min-marathon of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Best of Both Worlds, Parts 1 & 2, and the first few episodes of Season 4) as well as Season 5 Alias. It sucks being awake and sick at 2 a.m., but if I’m going to be up, I might as well get my science fiction fix.

As for my weepy eyes, I’ll be heading to the doctor later today for the inevitable eye-drop prescription. The rest of the cold is in full retreat, I feel human for the first time in a week (well, almost human), and things should be getting back to normal site-wise by the end of the weekend.

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