Radio Active #77: Footsteps in the Night

Radio Active PodcastOn this episode of Nuketown Radio Active, Neutron Lad gives up diapers for good, StarGirl and I get in a game of Settlers of Catan, I head back to the gym (again) and set some goals and I share my reviews of a bunch of new games, including Resident Evil 5, Star Ocean and Ticket to Ride.

In Netheads, I take a look at the Launchy fast-application launcher for Windows and Linux, and share some thoughts about the future of comic books.

Getting the Show

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • NeutronLad gives up diapers for good.
      • Good news: He’s mostly potty trained.
      • Bad News: The soft footfall of almost-preschooler footsteps in the night.
    • Settlers of Catan with StarGirl
      • She gets the math, she gets the mechanics, eventually she’ll get the strategy.
    • Back to the Gym
      • How things currently stand: 209 lbs., 38 waist.
      • Watching Alias, Season 1, which goes surprisingly well with exercsie.
      • Goal: 200 by April 30.
    • New Game Reviews
  • Promo: Serving Worlds by John Mierau
  • Netheads
    • Launchy
      • Open source fast application launcher for windows.
      • Like Quicksilver for the Mac, but much more limited.
    • Tor: Are Comic Books Dying?
      • Heather Massey speculates on the demise of comic books as we know them. I’ve got to agree; a weekly pull is getting harder and harder, trade paperbacks are getting much more appealing, and the online archives do suck.
      • Reading a comic in digital format is, well, tough.
      • An iTablet could help with this; good resolution, plus easy portability, could help a lot (and help preserve trade paperbacks).
  • Promo: J.C. Hutchins: Personal Effects: Dark Art
  • Outro
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