Radio Active #71: Summer’s End

Radio Active PodcastSummer’s over and Nuketown Radio Active is back in the saddle as I talk about a different kind of game day, dodge a bullet with a crashed hard drive, get ready for a Western-themed Nuke(m)Con 2008.

My promised review of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition has been bumped to Radio Active #72, and instead I talk a little about the challenges of reviewing the game, and what my gaming group’s decided to do with the new edition.

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • The Long Summer
      • It’s been one long, crazy summer. Way, way too much work to do, which led to way, way too few podcasts. But the semesters under way, and I’m getting back to my regular routine.
    • Close Encounters of a Crashy Kind

      • Have you backed up recently?
    • Back to the Gym
      • I’ve gone back to the gym (and pool) and am slowly working my way back down to my target weight of 190 lbs. Right now I’m down about 6 lbs., at 208
    • A Different Kind of Game Day
      • StarGirl and I made it to two IronPigs games. Fantastic fun, great family-centric environment. I can’t wait to go again next year; I’m thinking about getting a multi-game pack.
    • Nuke(m)Con
      • My gaming group’s gearing up for its home-grown gaming convention, Nuke(m)Con. We’re going with a western theme this year, focusing on games like Aces & Eights, Deadlands Reloaded, Serenity and Dogs in the Vineyard; all games we bought over the last year or so, but never had a chance to play. And, of course, there will be D&D.
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  • Netheads
    • RPG Bloggers Network
      • Dozens of RPG bloggers have come together as part of the network. This site aggregates their posts into a central, easily browseable location.
        • Musings of the Chatty GM
        • Uncle Bear
        • Critical Hits
        • The Core Mechanic
        • Stupid Ranger
        • Critical Ankle Bites
        • The Fine Art of the TPK
  • Promo: The Master Plan Podcast
  • Feature: Struggling with 4th Edition D&D
    • Sorry, no review in this edition, but it will be in Radio Active #72. I know this because I already wrote it. Instead I talk about my challenges writing the review, and what may gaming group’s decided to do with 4E going forward.
  • Outro
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