Radio Active #47: Space Westerns, Twitter, Boxed Octopus, Fnordcast, Double 0

Radio Active PodcastNews of the new science fiction webzine opening for submissions leads off Radio Active #47 as I’m not only a fan of the zine, but one of the volunteers helping to read through its slush pile. The mail bag has responses on my debate over getting a notebook vs. a desktop computer, and as that debate draws to a close I spend some time geeking out over my latest web toy, Twitter.

In Netheads, I take a look at the Steve Jackson Games official Fnordcast and Roll 2d6 in a Random Direction podcasts and discuss the new Double 0 RPG beta. This week’s musical interlude is provided by the band Boxed Octopus and their geek song “Science Boy”.

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • Editor N.E. Lilly has opened to submissions. He’s looking for — you guessed it — space westerns. Think Firefly, but also think of other future western mashups. They’re “especially interested in exploring Chinese, Irish/Gaelic, Native American, Spanish, and African/African-American influences on the West, in addition to the traditional Western WASP outlook.” Space operas and steampunk are also possible.
    • They’re also looking for space western reviews and non-fiction articles.
    • I’ll be helping out with the fiction slush pile. And this might — just might — inspire me to start publishing fiction on Nuketown again.
    • The new machine will be a complete replacement for the old one, so it’s either a laptop or a desktop, not both, which adds to my dilemma.
    • Leaning heavily toward getting a low end Mac Book Pro with an upsized 200 GB hard-drive so I can run Windows on Boot Camp out of the gate with perhaps a 50 GB partition. Expect to use the machine to increase the number of Windows-based game reviews I do, something I haven’t done in years.
    • Speaking of Doug, he got me into Twitter, which is like public IM/microblogging/online mobbing all rolled into one.
    • Looks to have great practical use at cons — love to use this with the GenCon crowd, and there’s some talk of doing something through ConLive.
    • Otherwise it’s just a micro-distraction, but an amusing one.
    • Open to Submissions
    • Feedback on Laptops vs. Desktops from Doug at Geek Acres
    • Twittering
    • RPG Podcasters Blatherfeed
  • “Science Boy” by Boxed Octopus.
  • Net News
    • Conversations about gaming, the business of gaming, styles of play, and much more. I’ve only listened to Episode 14, but it got me hooked. Co-host Chris Hanrahan is also a host of Ogre Cave Audio Report, another show I enjoy.
    • The Official Steve Jackson Games Fnordcast
    • Double 0: A modern recreation of a certain percentile based espionage game from years ago. A draft of the mutated roles is available in the Grizzly Wiki:
    • 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction
  • GBN: Goblin Broadcast Network
  • Coming up:
    • Kids and games.
    • Book reviews of Jupiter and Learning the World.
    • Game review of The Book of Nine Swords martial supplement for D&D.
    • Music by George Hrab (via Podshow)
  • Contact Info:
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