Radio Active #43: New Year Goals, Accidental Survivors, Free Comics and RPGs

Radio Active PodcastRadio Active’s long dark tea time of the soul ends with Episode 43, in which I discuss a crazy January that saw my Xbox fall under the spell of the red rings of death while I destroyed my “integrated home theatre system” with a static electricity-empowered touch.

Looking ahead to 2007, I talk about some of my personal goals, including reaching a weight of 190 lbs., converting my campaign web site to a wiki, and writing a novel. In Net News I have a review of the Accidental Survivors podcast, share the 360 Voice that enables your Xbox to blog, and explain how to get free stuff with this year’s Free RPG Day and Free Comic Book Day.

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Show Notes

  • Nuketown News
    • Crazy January
      • Work Overload: Way too much going on at the day job last  month, which consumed all my time and energy. Well, not all because some was devoured by…
      • Red Ring of Death: My Xbox 360 died, but Best Buy very nicely gave me a new one since it was still under the manufacturer warranty.
      • Ken, Son of Thor: And then I destroyed my “integrated home theatre system” with a touch, when a static spark leapt from my finger to the box. The LCDs flashed blue … then died.
      • The Gaming Room Returns: But there’s some good news as well, as the gaming room has returned (or at least, mostly returned) after I gave my old desk to my wife, moved some stuff around in her office, and condensed my workspace to a fraction of its previous self. And now … we’ve got the gaming room. Doubles as play area during the week.
    • Goals for 2007
      • 190: It was a good year — my son NeutronLad was born in June. Colds aside, everyone is healthy. I enjoy my job, and I’ve managed to lose a few pounds over the last few months (and I’m probably healthier than I’ve been in years). My goal is to get my weight down to 190 lbs., 185 if I can swing it. Friends at Geezer Gamers just started a pact to encourage each other to lose wait, which may help with the final push.
      • Forward Pedaling: My bike just got fixed, so I plan on riding it to work on any day I a) need to get there quickly and b) the weather isn’t awful.
      • The GriffWiki: I’m intent on converting my campaign’s web site to wiki format this year, which is a huge amount of work but ultimately well worth it since it’ll allow everyone in the campaign to easily add and update content. Plus it will allow me to gather 10 years worth of scattered sagas and campaign notes.
      • Writing: I’m thinking about taking part in national write a novel month in November, which would allow me to finally check off a goal I’ve had since college.  I’d also like to write one short story a month between now and November as a run-up to that effort, but I’m already one story behind.
  • Promo: Accidental Survivors Podcast
  • Sites of Note:
    • Accidental Survivors Podcast
      • Run a modern era game, but can’t find any podcasts that fit your genre? Check out Accidental Survivors, which is dedicated entirely to gaming in the current age.
      • Each episode is broken up in to “News and Views”, offering highlights of recent events that effect modern gaming, a “feature”, in which they talk about a specific concept in modern gaming like horror games or sf games, and then the “Inspiration” section, where they provide fodder for your imagination.
    • 360 Voice
      • A blog for your Xbox 360. It takes your statistics from Xbox Live and transforms them into a narrative, including weekly summations.
    • Free RPG Day
      • The inaugural event will be held June 23, 2007 and features Troll Lord Games, Chessex, Goodman Games, White Wolf, Mongoose Publishing and Skirmisher Publishing, with others expected to join.
    • Free Comic Book Day
      • To be held May 5, 2007
      • Go to your local comic book store and get free stuff. Missed the last few years; this time its on my calendar.
  • Outro
    • Coming up
      • Game reviews of the Midnight Syndicate “best of” album Out of Darkness, the horror board game Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and the massive Xbox 360 RPG, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  Book reviews of Learning the World and A Deepness in the Sky
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