Radio Active #28: Of Home Improvement and Geek Podcasts

Radio Active PodcastI’ve been a stranger in a strange land the last two weeks as I’ve spent half my weekend hours in Home Depot, and the other half working hard to transform my old gaming room into my daughter’s new bedroom. Fortunately I had plenty of geek podcasts to keep me company through the process.

Radio Active #28 features a bunch of podcasts, some old friends, some new acquaintances. It also features less-than-optimal sound quality as I struggle with a new non-headset microphone that isn’t quite up to the job. The podcast is easily listenable, it just sounds like I recorded it in an aircraft hanger.

Check out the photos mentioned in the podcast — including the old gaming room, my swamped home office, and the LEGO B-Wing — by visiting the Radio Active #28 tagset on Flickr. Or check out the full gaming room tagset

Getting the Podcast

Show Notes

  • The A-Team Theme
  • Intro
    • Gaming Room’s End
      • Stranger in a Strange Land Moment: If someone asks me if I’m a god, I know the answer is yes … even if I’m not a god. But if someone asks me if I have 20 amp fuses in my circuit breaker … I have no idea what the answer is.
      • Discovered this when renting a sander from Home Depot so I could refinish the floors in the gaming room, which is soon to be Jordan’s room.
      • Sad to see the gaming go after seven years of great gaming. Also sad to see all that crap end up on my desk upstairs. But hey, at least I still have the geek tree.
      • The new ‘gaming room’ for the foreseable future (and even that we can’t see) is the dining room. Which should be … interesting. Hopefully we can avoid destroying it too much. The guys aren’t kind to furniture or ceilings.
      • This weekend one of the guys, Nate and I stripped down what paint needed to be stripped, then put on a coat of primer (in some cases, several coats of primer.
      • Will return to the Great Room Painting Adventure after Easter
    • Nuketown News
  • Science Fiction Podcast Network Promo
  • Sites of Note
    • And now I’m almost caught up on my Podcasts! Listened to a half-dozen over the course of two days of scrapping and painting. I did have some problems with my iPod Shuffe not shuffling (basically the iPod Shuffle crashed … which is how I learned how to reset it by turning it off for five seconds and turning it back on).
    • BrickNebula #14
      • (Web Archive)
      • The guys finally get out another podcast with show #14 (the last one having been in January … yes, there’s a podcast who’s schedule is more erratic than mine.
      • Happy their back — learned about the upcoming Batman LEGOs set and enjoyed their discussions of LEGO robotics (a topic near and dear to my heart).
      • And on a related note, my LEGO B-Wing arrived last week, and I’ve happily started to build it.
    • Gamer: The Podcasting #11
      • (Web Archive)
      • Checked out this podcast for the first time (after hearing about it ad nauseam on other podcast. Wasn’t expecting a conversation of live action role-playing, but it was fun to listen to, particularly since they discussed the live action Fading Suns game (Fading Suns being on of the few non-D&D settings that my group has played in)
    • Roll 2d6 #9
      • (Web Archive)
      • The guys do a review of Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, a card-based wargame. I know, I know … a card-based war game? But it sounds really cool, particularly the semi-automous nature of the units in the game. Cool stuff.
    • Jonathan Coulton: Thing a Week #28
      • Geek music from Jonathan Coulton, delivered once a week. I’ve been subscribed to “Thing a Week” for a while now (which means I need to pony up a cash donation soon, but I did buy one of his albums last month). This week’s song was an a cappella breakup song, surprisingly sad, but quite good. Another good song was the previous weeks “Re Your Brain” about a zombified office worker.
    • All Games Considered
      • Mark and Chris are joined via Skype by Martin Rayla (of Treasure Tables fame) for an episode all about GMing. Could have been better — Mark should have double checked the mechanics of some of the gaming systems they discussed (D&D, GURPS, Palladium, World of Darkness) but it was great to hear Martin, whom I’ve been reading for some time.
      • Also had a good idea of changing the gaming table up, placing the GM in the middle of the table, rather than at an end. With the gaming room gone, the dining room table our new home, and the campaign in the middle of a dungeon crawl, it strikes me as an excellent time to try out this technique.
    • Comicology #64-66
      • (Web Archive)
      • Neil Gorman’s Comicology is one of my favorites. He recently took a turn away from his normal review format to do an in-depth look at one character: The Martian Man Hunter. Not being a huge MMH fan, I only listened to show #64 … but I’m looking forward to him getting back to his regular grove.
    • Random Signal #34
      • (Web Archive)
      • Jason posts two podcasts within a week of one another, the sort of schedule I’d like to return to.
      • Discusses “Survive!” which is an awesome board game from the 1980s.
  • GOBLIN: The Gaming Broadcast Network
  • Outro
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