Preparing to Paint, Preparing to Listen

We’ve entered Phase III of the Great Fall Painting Project which involves spackling, priming and then painting the ceiling, arch and door in the foyer. With my trusty iPod shuffle having slipped off its mortal coil and my ancient iPod in need of an extended recharge, I’m trying a different way of listening to podcasts: streaming them.

I’ve got 20 or so shows queued up on my PowerMac, and I’m going to be streaming them from the Mac to my stereo via the magic of my Airport Express and AirTunes. The Airport Express is a wireless hub that you can connect to your stereo (in this case, via an optical cable) and then use it as a remote speaker for your computer. I’ll let iTunes serve up the shows randomly using the “Party Shuffle” function.

And what will I be listening to? Here’s a quick run down:

Alas, Radio Active isn’t on the list (yes, for quality assurance purposes, I do listen to my own podcast) but I’m hoping to knock one out Sunday night once the painting is done, the kids are asleep, the wife is watching Desperate Housewives and I have a moment to run to the Fortress of Semi-Solitude on the third floor.

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