215 lbs: 9 Down, 25 to Go

The headline pretty much says it all: according to the gym scale, I’ve now 215 lbs. It was something of a surprise — I haven’t been hitting the gym as hard as I should have been the last week (going something like 3 out of 7 days) but I’ve still been watching what I eat and walking to working so I was still able to make some progress.

I’m switching to rabbit food (with an occasional helping of humus and some Triscuits) for lunch, which is undoubtedly healthier than my normal roast beef sandwich. Combined with drinking water instead of Coke, I’ve probably cut 350 calories out of my daily diet with that change.

My goal now is to go to the gym every day between now and next Friday, when my gaming group will be holding Nuke(m)Con (our at-home mini-convention) and which I will undoubtedly be eating like crap — I anticipate more than a few hotdogs and hamburgers in my future. That’s fine — that’s what cons are all about, and I figure as long as I go to the gym first thing each morning, I should emerge from the weekend in pretty good shape.

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