Powerless in Easton

A powerful thunderstorm hit Easton Pa. on Tuesday night, knocking out power to my house and to the college where I work. It made for a long Tuesday night/Wednesday morning as we sweltered in a house with out fans, but thankfully things cooled down when power came back up Wednesday morning and the air started circulating again.

Neither Sue nor I got much sleep Tuesday night, first because we were sweltering in our room, second because when we had the bright idea to move downstairs, the kids decided that sleep was optional. Fortunately (for me at least, though not for some of my co-workers charged with fixing things) the power was down at the college until 3 p.m. Wednesday, giving me a “summer snow day” with which to get caught up on sleep. It also gave me the chance to clean the rugs, drubbing out some pesky spots that had accumulated.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Easton — first we had a horrible flood that put Downtown underwater (again), and now we’ve had two bad thunderstorms in as many weeks which have played havoc with trees and power lines. All we need is a good meteor strike and Easton will be the perfect haven for fledgling superheroes.

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