Origins 2009: Day 3

My day started withthe uneven Star Wars event, Betrayal of Darth Revan. Uneven partly because of poor dice rolls and incompetence on our part, and poor adventure design on the part of it’s RPGA authors. It has too many encounters, and they didn’t obey Order 66’s The List, specifically the Rule of Six, which advocates making sure you have good terrain, and diverse opponents spread out to take advantage of said terrain. Perhaps the Order 66 community could take on rebuilding the problem encounters.

After stopping by the exhibit hall to pick up Six-siders and Spaceships, and taking some time to drool over starship minis,  I headed to my second Star Wars game of the day: The Death of the Star of Agnor. In this New Republic era game I played a force wizard Jedi named Kava Starshade on a diplomatic mission.

The Star Wars game was sponsored by d20 Radio, the folks behind the Order 66 podcast. It was a good game, involving a pirate attack on a star cruiser. I played the Jedi as a diplomatic, somewhat pacifistic character, using his powers to nullify threats rather than kill them.

I ended the day hanging out with friends David Moore (@vandermore) and half the crew from our Saturday morning Spirit of the Century game). We put the finish touches on our characters and broke out a new game: Traitor.

The game is designed to be a sort of advanced Werewolf, with two wizards try to recover a mystical key, aided or opposed by loyal guards or traitors. Unfortunately we really have no idea how the game is really supposed to be played. lots of accusations were thrown around but ultimately there’s     no mechanic to help you figure out who is who. that reduced us to guessing, which frankly just isn’t that much fun.

We put it away in favor of Fluxx, which looks fun but ultimately we were too buzzed/tired/chatty to focus on it. Still, I enjoyed it enough to want to pick up a copy of it.

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