Nuketown Updates, March 2013

Nuketown’s redesign launched in November 2012. It improved a lot, but there have been quite af few bugs that have cropped up since then. The redesign also caused some long-standing standing content (like the “Links” section) to disappear while I fought with how to handle it in the new design. In March I decided to sit down and knock out some of the most annoying issues … starting with the erratic header bar.

Some who wander are lost: The primary navigation and utility navigation bar kept floating in weird ways. I’ve fixed that so they should stay put now.

Be bold: Strong tags weren’t styled in article text. They are now.

Images: We have an image content type in Nuketown. You don’t usually come across it, but if you do it looks awful because it tried to load it in the standard page template. That’s fixed.

Microcontent: The microcontent — the stuff that ends up on Twitter and Facebook — was showing up in Nuketown’s RSS feed. That wasn’t my intention; the microcontent looked like crap in that view, so I removed it. I may re-add it later with better formatting.

Content of future past: The archive is back online. The link is buried in the footer and under About > Archive, but it’s there.

Linkport = Links: The old Linkport section is back and renamed Links. I’ve finally fixed the taxonomy views for links so that they link directly to their respective web site (rather than linking to a node, which then linked to a web site). The Links tag cloud now appears on every link tag page. I’ve also purged dozens of outdated, broken links from the database.

Radiation danger: We used to have a weekly newsletter called RADIATIONS. It’s back.

The biggest issue is remaining is content. There are a lot of outdated pages in the site — particularly the Mac RPG Tools page — that need love. My goal is to fix these by leveraging the newly resurrected Links content to create comprehensive (and easier to maintain) lists of links.

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