Nuketown SF @ Twitter

Nuketown now has an official twitter feed: NuketownSF. The new @NuketownSF feed updates about the ol’thermonuclear burg as well as news and reviews about stuff we’ve seen or read that we don’t have time to cover in the webzine.

I setup the feed so that Nuketown could have a formal voice on the microblogging service. It was something I’d frankly overlooked over the last few years — while I’ve been on Twitter almost since the beginning with my @NukeHavoc account, I never stopped to give Nuketown its own identity. As part of the upcoming redesign I’ve been working on a basic social media strategy for the site and as I did so it struck me that I had this rather large hole in Nuketown’s online presence. When I asked our readership if they wanted an official Nuketown twitter account, 6 of 6 surveyed said “yes” … so here you go. In case you’re wondering why it’s @NuketownSF instead of “Nuketown” … well, it turns out there’s a infrequently tweeting runner who already has that username.

My old @NukeHavoc account remains active and I’ll continue to post about all manner of geeky stuff there, as well as the occasional Nuketown update, but @NuketownSF will be the primary source for site news and updates.

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